Section 2 - PA 326 Rainsburg Gap to Ashcom Rd (SR 1004)

PA 326 Rainsburg Gap to Ashcom Rd SR 1004 (22.69 km), SGL 97, Bedford County, Everett Region

Guide: 12th Edition (2012) sold out - 13th edition pending 2018
   Map: 301-306 (2010)

Be aware that this section has extremely rugged terrain, no water on trail, often high grass, thorns, and brush, and no legal camping.

NB km 20.02 to end - Trail has been relocated westerly (further than in 2012) onto a gravel SGL access road, passing a remote parking area, then into private land on a gradually descending bench (just east of a stone quarry, STAY ON TRAIL) to emerge on along SR 1004/Ashcom Rd just east of its PA Turnpike underpass. The Cornell Road bridge on the south end of Section 3 over the PA Turnpike (I-70/76) was permanently removed.  There is a pull-off parking area between Turnpike and quarry on Ashcom Rd, south side of Ashcom Road and just north (compass west) of Turnpike underpass.  Check Section 3 updates. See temporary map/guide revision (11/13; 1/14; 4/14; 7/14)