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Kirk Saylor provided 4 youTube links to a hike he did from Big Valley Vista to Jo Hays

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Breaking Trail

A once endangered path will soon traverse the Keystone State—and connect hikers to a larger network.

On the horizon, the mountain ridges lie peace­fully side by side, evenly spaced, like waves in the ocean that haven’t yet swelled to curling. I stand atop one just like them—Tussey Moun­tain—and cannot locate a town, a building, a road, or any other sign of human construction in my view. I like it this way.

The knife-edge ridge of Tussey Mountain is very narrow and serrated. Giant slabs of protruding rock march down its back like dragon scales. The Mid State Trail (MST) weaves through and over these massive chunks of sandstone, making it quite fun to negotiate if you take your time. Since trees cannot grow on these surfaces, this is where you find the best views, and they are plentiful.

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Article about the Yellow Creek bridge

Yellow Creek Bridge

Benefits of being a Trail Town


REI helping with trail work in Everett

REI Work 28 REI new hires, Tony Barr, Everett High School Special Ed
teacher with 10 of his students, local chainsaw assist from Tom Deremer and Mike Dodson. Other local assistants Tammy Hillegas, John Gracey along with myself worked 3 hours on a windy February REI service project. We met in Tenley Park and assigned 6 groups to complete easy clearing, sawing off blowdowns, and clearing the levy along the MST beside the Juniata River. This is the second enjoyable project that the park, MST, EHS has worked with the REI folks. The day ended with a chocolate toad-a good time was had by all.

Breaking News!!!
REI has asked the MSTA Everett Region for a project for June 7, 2008. REI CEO, Sally Jewell along with some of the board of directors are asking for a project in this area. So pencil in this date and if anyone has a bright idea to use as a project, all ideas are welcomed.

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