Mid State Trail Guide and Maps

Part of the Great Eastern Trail in Pennsylvania

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This compact book is your essential companion to hiking Pennsylvania’s longest and wildest footpath, with information about distances in both directions, parking, water, camping, and a few tidbits about the nature and culture the trail passes. Descriptions give distances both ways using the same text, to save weight and bulk. The 12th Edition describes crossing the entire waist of the Keystone State, from Maryland to New York.

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Since 1973, MST guidebooks have exclusively used the metric system, leading
the way in breaking America free from outdated colonial units of measure. Distances
in the guidebook and on the official color maps are given in kilometers, and elevations
in meters above sea level. If you think in other units you will need to adjust the given
units accordingly.

Official Mid State Trail maps are vital to help point the way along our often surprisingly remote footpath. For many years, MSTA has published clear, accurate, waterproof black-and-white maps. The current maps our volunteers have produced are ALL FULL COLOR , now keyed to the current statewide extent of the trail, and fully metricated down to the contours and the UTM grid. From this web site you can order individual pieces to bring your collection current! The new map numbers track the new section numbers.

The maps for the north end (Sections 17 through 20) are NOT included in the guide and map set as they are not yet printed. Even if you bought the full map and guide set, you will need to see below to download these latest color maps for the north end!

Buying the guide and maps here on this web site contributes valuable financial support to keeping the MST open for all hikers. If you are looking to buy individual maps or just the guide, this is probably the only place you’ll get it!

Many outfitters and some bookstores in PA and nearby also offer the MST guide and map set on their virtual sites or their real stores. Please be aware outfitters and bookstores might not have the most current maps, whether in a walk-in store or online. In fact most purchase theirs for resale from a wholesaler not directly from MSTA. Accordingly MSTA cannot be responsible for ensuring that guide(s) and/or map(s) that you purchase from any source, other than directly from MSTA, is the most current as of when you buy it. Furthermore, your purchase is a one-time sale not a subscription, MSTA cannot be responsible for supplying you with more current information, except by ordering new pieces from us at the posted prices. Check your package against the list below, and order individual pieces from our links below if you need more up-to-date maps or guides.

Our volunteers are continuing to improve the footpath, so be sure to check this web page before you hike to be sure you have the most up-to-date official information. As soon as there is a temporary or permanent change in the MST route, look here for your best guidance.

The online updates assume you already have the most current printed information – so if you don’t, check the list below against your collection to see what pieces you need, and order today!

Please allow 4 weeks for our volunteers to fill your order - although it may come faster, especially if you use online ordering and not a check in the mail. If you have a concern or special need regarding ordering the maps and/or guide book feel free to contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Questions, comments, assistance, and suggestions for the volunteers who work on the maps are welcome! E-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Order Map 301-306 (Everett Region, Mason-Dixon Line to US22)
Order Map 307-311 (State College Region, US 22 to RB Winter State Park)
Order Map 311-316 (Woolrich Region, Poe Paddy State Park to Blackwell, PA)

Mail Drop & Food Stores Table for Long Distance Backpackers
(PDF) Updated on 01/07/2017

Selected Trailhead Parking Locations (7/2016) (XLS) What3Words column explanation

Latest Updates

Most of the PDF maps in Section Updates linked below are enhanced trail maps.  Using the free PDF Maps app from Avenza, now available on Apple and Android mobile devices, you can pinpoint your location on a map, track your route, mark waypoints and geotag photos, measure distances, and much more! Download Avenza's PDF app (through your device's app store), click the link below, click the section link, copy the link for each section map, go back to the Avenza app, click on add a map from web using the big plus sign (might need to scroll down), paste the link you copied into that box, and watch the georeferenced PDF from this site show up on your screen.

Section Updates

Thanks to New York-New Jersey Trail Conference for the following description of what you can do with georeferenced PDF maps:

What are some specific ways I might use these maps?

Out on the trails, there are many ways you can use the PDF Maps app to enhance your experience.  One hiker noted that he found these maps "to be a fun addition to my hiking arsenal, and one that adds no extra weight, for once!" Many have told NYNJTC how they referred to the maps to get them back on course after missing a turn.  Here are just a few examples of how to use this app:

  • Plan your route with the 'Measure' tool to make sure you know how long your route will be.
  • Use the 'Compass' tool to orient the map in the right direction so that you can safely proceed on your intended route.
  • Track your trip using the new 'Record GPS Tracks' tool.  At the end of your trip, you can view information about speed, distance, and elevation, and you can even export your track as a KML file to view in a different program or share with friends.
  • View satellite imagery of your location by using the 'Open in Maps' tool (internet connection required).  This brings up the Google Maps imagery found in the Maps app, and this additional imagery may help you navigate to a certain feature.
  • If you aren't quite sure where a parking area is located, use the map with GPS to guide you to the parking area (Caution: do not use the app while driving!  Have a passenger help navigate, or pull off the road to consult the map).  When you arrive at the parking, the GPS location symbol should match up with the parking symbol on the map.
  • If you know the coordinates of a feature you want to find, you can enter the coordinates as a Placemark and see the location on the map.
  • You can view the coordinates of your current position, which can be helpful information to provide to someone that may be looking for you (especially search-and-rescue efforts).
  • Use the 'Find Places' tool to locate nearby points of interestright on the map (internet connection required).  This acts like a Google search right on the map.  Find a nearby campground or hotel accommodations, or find a great nearby restaurant after a long day's hike.
  • You can use the 'Add Placemarks' tool to record locations of features along your route.  You can record a Placemark at a regular interval to keep track of the exact route you have taken.  You can also record a Placemark at features such as a fantastic viewpoint or a waterfall so that, perhaps on a future trip, you can see where those features are located on the map.
  • You can also add photos to a Placemark so that you might later recall where a particular photo was taken.
  • If you use Google Earth or other mapping program on your computer, you can import KML files and export KML/GPX files that include Placemarks.  This allows you to import Placemarks to place on the map, or export Placemarks you recorded on your trip.  The Export function makes sharing of Placemarks easy to accomplish (internet connection required).
  • If you are out on the trail and notice a Trail Problem that the MSTA should be aware of, or even a problem with the map itself that should be corrected, record a Placemark and even take a picture and send the information along to us with a report of the problem.  This can be especially helpful for fallen trees so that our volunteer chainsawyers know the location and approximate size of any trees that need to be cleared.
  • If you discover other useful ways to use these maps out on the trail, or have a question, please let us know by leaving a comment by e-mail  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it