Woolrich Region


Straddling both of Pennsylvania's mountain zones, the Tiltrock Country and the Alleghenies, Woolrich Region continues MST's dramatic views, climbing its highest relief at the Gates of Pine Creek within the Allegheny Front. Rocks in the footway gradually get smaller and smaller traveling north, making this Region popular among backpackers.

MST's periodic growth spurts from State College reached Pennsylvania's Grand Canyon in Tioga County by 1987. Increasing threats in Tiadaghton Forest to the ever-lengthening trail caused MSTA to create its current volunteer Regional Management team in 2002, to spread the bureaucratic burden over a larger volunteer cadre.

MST in this Region (Sections 12 through 16) passes Tiadaghton and Tioga State Forests; R.B. Winter, Ravensburg, and Little Pine State Parks; and Bark Cabin Natural Area and Wolf Run Wild Area; through Union, Lycoming, Clinton, and Tioga Counties.

MST's connection from Blackwell to West Rim Trail is now yellow blazed Bohen Trail (Section D in 12th edition (2012) guide) as the continuous MST north end has moved further north crossing Tioga County to the NY border.

Joe Healey, Woolrich Regional Manager, can be reached at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or 570 655-4979. (93 Cedarwood Dr., Laflin, PA 18702).


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Woolrich Region Updates

  • August 2011
    See Section 15 updates

    A gas drilling pad has been constructed on Tiadaghton State Forest land along MST on top of the mountain between Dam and Ramsey Runs. On 11/1/10 Anadarko constructed a reroute around the drilling operation per DCNR. The reroute can be followed. Please see this info from DCNR on minimizing conflict between hikers and our new gas industry neighbors.