Section 3 - SR 1004 thru Everett to PA 36 @ Loysburg Gap

Ashcom Rd SR 1004 to PA 36 Loysburg Gap (31.32 km) or 2.5 km shorter via temporary roadwalk/partial trail, Private Land and SGL 73, Bedford County, Everett Region
Guide: 12th Edition (2012) sold out - 13th edition pending 2018
   Map: 301-306 (2010)
   Tenley Park Map: Tenley Park (2017)

Significant briar growth has been reported near the south end of SGL 73 and going to the cow pasture. Using the alternate route described in the 12th edition, including the orange rectangle blazed Blue Triangle Trail, will avoid some of the worst area. There is now a sign on a tree at the junction of MST with Blue Triangle Trail. SB hikers will need to be especially alert. (9/15)

PA Turnpike crossing area/Aliquippa Gap update (7/14): The Cornell Road bridge over the PA Turnpike (I-70/76) was permanently removed. With the gracious help of a nearby private landowner, SB hikers can continue on old RR bed between Turnpike and river to Ashcom Rd, turn left to narrow Ashcom Rd underpass and walk compass-east to new trail appearing on right, just on the south side of the turnpike. There is a pull-off parking area between Turnpike and quarry on Ashcom Rd, south side of Ashcom Road and just north (compass west) of Turnpike underpass. No parking elsewhere on narrow shouldered Ashcom Rd. See temporary map/guide revision [ ] Marking has been restored (orange Carsonite posts) through the Earlston Furnace Cinder Piles, north of the former bridge site. If Black Valley Creek is high, one may need to hold onto the fence to cross. Check back here for updates, especially for further trail detours when the Turnpike widens the highway and eventually also the Ashcom Rd underpass.

MST alternate route Blue Triangle trail is now off road through the entire industrial park on the north side of Everett. Northbound, look for blazes opposite the end of Dew Street (not to be confused with the nearby New Street) - turn your back on Dew Street and look to the right of the fire hydrant. In either direction, crossings of the lanes through the industrial park are slightly offset so with summer growth you may need to look closely to find the path. Distance slightly shorter. (6/17) Total distance of alternate route 4.71 km

The Yellow Creek Bridge is now open! Slightly upstream/west of former location. (1/14)

Campsite is available near north end of Section 3. RV camping area (tents allowed) on Smith family property behind mobile home community. Very clean shower house. $20/night at honor box on entry. Accessible only from north (PA 36 to Old 36) side of Yellow Creek, west of trail near downtown Loysburg. DO NOT approach the campsite along the south side of the creek due to impassable gates, 24 hour monitored security, and wrong side of side creek. Signs have been placed from the new Yellow Creek bridge. (11/13; 7/14)

A disconnected segment of MST (2 km) is now blazed from the beer distributor on E Main St/Business US 30 in Everett Borough, northerly through Tenley Park and then easterly through Everett Area School District property (well out of sight of the high school) to the point where Stein Ln passes under bypass US 30. There is as yet no way to pass from Stein Ln to Blue Triangle on the north side of US 30. See temporary map/guide revision. (7/14)