2007 Trail Crew Tioga Extension

Based on map measure aided by Scott Adams walking the most doubtful sections, the following MST main trail was completed by KTA Trail Crew last week: (June 2007)

SR 3009 to SR 3009 – 5.9 km
SR 3009 to Landrus opposite “the rock” – 6.9 km
Landrus to Sand Run Falls – 3.4 km
Sand Run Falls to SR 2016 – 2.2 km

Total: 18.4 km

By my tally this brings the completed MST to 503.2 km, when PENNDOT is done with the closed section of SR 3009 we are on briefly, we can say 504 km total, of which 460 km is MD border to Arnot Road in Charleston Township, and 44 km Hills Creek SP (also in Charleston Township) to Tompkins Rec Area.

And, between HCSP’s Lake Side Trail we will be using on the west side of Hills Creek Lake, and path cleared by Mike Sidell from HCSP to Orebed Road, there is approximately 5.6 km more that is cleared and may be blazed soon.

The road walk between the intersection of Warren Lane and Orebed Road, and the intersection of South Elk Run Road and Arnot Road, is 13.4 km, our target to get permission to be off road if possible, before next year’s Trail Crew at HCSP.

Thanks to all,

Pete Fleszar