Section 18 - PA 287 near Antrim to US 6

PA 287 near Antrim/Morris to US 6 (39.25 km), Private Land and Tioga State Forest, Tioga County, Tioga Region

Guide: 12th Edition (2012) sold out and Partial Guide Revision Temporary Section 18 (05/12/2015) - 13th edition guide pending 2018

   Map: Temporary Map T18 (03/20/2015) 


Part of MST Section 18, km 0.92 to 7.13 NB (5.69 KM), on private property in Duncan Twp, Tioga County, is closed indefinitely due to heavy construction activity. (This is the same section that had the Oct 1-Jan 15 hunting season closure.) As during hunting season hikers will need to detour along SR 3009 through downtown Antrim, turning at the stone church to continue to follow SR 3009. We appreciate your understanding during this time and it is not known when the trail will be able to be reopened. The interim road route is blazed yellow and is described in the 12th edition Guide. (07/12)

Gas drilling and pipeline work is under way on private land in this section. At this time we think any interruptions in the route will be short term in nature and able to be detoured using the nearest road. Wimbrough Campsite is again accessible.
Any particular concerns contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (8/11)

Cumulative revisions since 12th edition Guide, for newly blazed and new off-road trail from Tokarz Rd to PA 660, included in current Temporary Map T18 and partial Guide revision, both linked above (5/15):
Tokarz Rd to Haverly Hill Rd - remains unblazed for now
Haverly Hill Rd to past Radar Cliff to Hickory Ridge Rd - new off-road trail (2014), with parking area on Hickory Ridge Rd courtesy of the private landowner
Hickory Ridge Rd to Cherry Flats Rd - interim yellow blazed gravel roads, parking area near SE corner Elk Run Rd & Cherry Flats Rd courtesy of the private landowner (12/17)
Cherry Flats Rd to Miller Hill Rd - off-road trail (2013) with signed Whispering Spring (12/17)
Miller Hill Rd past Johnson Hill Rd to Mudge Rd - new off road trail (2015) with yellow blazed gravel road hunting season detour
Mudge Rd hunting season detour - now yellow blazed to near PA 660

Between Miller Hill Rd and PA 660 - Parts closed Oct 1-Jan 15 for hunting. (4/09, 5/15) Detour route around hunting season closures now yellow blazed along the road. (8/14)
US 6 crossing now a slight left-hand jog, rerouted around washed-out stream crossing. (12/17)

See 12th Edition guide, and temporary map and temporary guide revision linked above.