Section 20 - PA 287 Middlebury/Tioga to NY Border

PA 287 between Middlebury Center and Tioga to NY Border (30.16 km), Private Land, and Cowanesque Lake, Tioga County, Tioga Region

Guide: 12th Edition (2012) sold out - 13th edition pending 2018
   Map: Map T20 (11/17)

Alerts: Between Ridge Rd and Smith Hill Rd - Closed Oct 1-Jan 15 for hunting. (corrected dates vs. 12th edition Guide) Road detour for thru hikes uses PA 287 for length of Hammond Lake, Elkhorn Rd, Howe Hill Rd, west end of Smith Hill Rd. (10/15; 9/17)

South side of Scenic View Dr - New home has been built in what was described as certified organic pasture in the 12th edition Guide. The "friendly" bull and his harem of cows have departed. The new owners have graciously allowed MST to remain open on their land with a slight adjustment to the angle the trail crosses Scenic View Dr, staying east of their new driveway. (5/13)

North side of Scenic View Dr - RV's Mt Top/Tioga Heritage Campground has returned to its old name Scenic View Campground. Phone number 570 835-5700. (11/13)

Between campground/Scenic View Dr and Smith Hill Rd - Logging has obscured former off-road trail in this area. Orange blazes now follow Scenic View, Mann Hill, and Smith Hill roads, the former blue blazed bypass route, offering better views of the exotic wildlife through high fence. (8/14, 7/15, 5/16; 12/17)

Baldwin/Shepard Creek Rd is now abandoned by both Lawrence and Farmington Townships. Still passable for hikers, however stick to the blazed trail, do not use the former road compass-south trail-west of the trail in Farmington Twp near Smith Hill Rd. (7/15)

Gas drilling and pipeline work is under way on private land in this section. At this time we think any interruptions in the route will be short term in nature and able to be detoured using the nearest road. Please download the current maps. Any particular concerns contact  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it  (6/11)