Section 17 - PA 414 @ Blackwell to PA 287 near Antrim

PA 414 to PA 287 between Antrim and Morris (24.00 km), Tioga State Forest, SGL 268, and Private Land, Tioga County, Tioga Region

Guide: 12th Edition (2012) sold out - 13th edition pending 2018
   Map: Temporary Map T17 (8/8/2016) Temporary Map 414 to 287  High Water Route Around Stony Fork


Clay Mine Rd - DCNR has established a small stone surfaced hiker parking area, marked by a routed sign, 95 m trail-west compass-north of (around a curve from) the actual spot where MST crosses this gravel Forestry road. A routed arrow sign now points the way from the parking lot to the invisible trail. There is also now a two-car stone surfaced parking spot, in what was a muddy mess at the south end of the Beer Can trail, close to the Clay Mine Road ford crossing of Stony Fork. (8/14, 7/15; 6/17)