Section 10 - US 322 @ Seven Mountains Hill to PA 45

US 322 to PA 45 ( 42.9 km ), Bald Eagle State Forest and Poe Valley & Poe Paddy State Parks, Centre/Mifflin/Union Counties, State College Region

Guide: 12th Edition (2012)
            Temp Guide & Map (Small Part) (8/10)

   Map: 307-311 (2017)

Alerts: Relocation between Poe Valley and Poe Paddy - MST's orange blazes have been moved onto [Dry] Hollow Trail (where they were before 1981), and off an unmaintainable rock pile on Poe Mountain (formerly John Fry Trail). Distance 0.77 km shorter. See combined map/guide revision (3/10; 8/10) - appears in 12th edition guide (NB km 22.15 to 22.95). Shown on new Map 307-311. (6/17)

Paddy Mountain Tunnel (NB km 24) trail-north of Poe Paddy State Park has been reopened.  (11/15; 6/17)

Cherry Run bridge (NB km 29.30) is damaged and to be replaced sometime by DCNR. Hope the water is low when you come by. (7/15) Or, northbound from the Fish & Boat Commission parking lot at end of Penns Creek Path rail trail section, instead of following MST go out the end of Weikert Road, take next left on Cherry Run Rd, pass through former rail underpass/combined bridge over Cherry Run and resume following blazes at bridge site. Southbound, continue to follow Cherry Run Rd to end, right on Weikert Road to Fish & Boat Commission parking lot at end, turn right and climb briefly (10 m) onto the railroad bed where blazes resume. (6/17)