Section 10 - US 322 @ Seven Mountains Hill to PA 45

US 322 to PA 45 ( 42.9 km ), Bald Eagle State Forest and Poe Valley & Poe Paddy State Parks, Centre/Mifflin/Union Counties, State College Region

Guide: 12th Edition (2012)
            Temp Guide & Map (Small Part) (8/10)

   Map: 307-310 (2007)
             311-316 (2009)

Alerts: Relocation between Poe Valley and Poe Paddy - MST's orange blazes have been moved onto [Dry] Hollow Trail (where they were before 1981), and off an unmaintainable rock pile on Poe Mountain (formerly John Fry Trail). Distance 0.77 km shorter. See combined map/guide revision (3/10; 8/10) - appears in 12th edition guide (NB km 22.15 to 22.95).

Paddy Mountain Tunnel (NB km 24) trail-north of Poe Paddy State Park has been reopened.  The contractor has some more work and cleanup to do before everything is complete.  (11/15)

Cherry Run bridge (NB km 29.30) is damaged and to be replaced sometime by DCNR. Hope the water is low when you come by. (7/15)