Section 1 - MD to PA 326 @ Rainsburg Gap

MD Border to PA 326 Rainsburg Gap (23.59 km), Buchanan State Forest and SGL 97, Bedford County, Everett Region

Guide: 12th Edition (2012) sold out - 13th edition pending in 2018
   Map: 301-306 (2010)

New connection to Great Eastern Trail route in Green Ridge State Forest is open MST now begins/ends at PA 326/Black Valley Road at MD border, just northeast of Flintstone, Md. (4/09)

Blazes have been obscured on some parts of the old route through Hewitt. (6/10)

MST route now uses more of the old CCC-era Dickens Trail which was recovered by KTA Trail Crew in 2013. Better footway, less climbing, and 0.33 km shorter between Burnt Mill Trail (NB km 4.05) and Carnes aka Karns Trail (12th edition NB km 6.40 = now km 6.07)

Off road route north of Beans Cove Rd/SR 3005 moves MST off Martin Hill Rd into Martin Hill Wild Area, south of powerline. (6/09)

Trail has also been moved off of powerline south side of Martin Hill - as described in 12th edition Guide, but newer than route shown on Map 301-306. (4/12)

Added switchback north side of Martin Hill. Too small to show up on maps. (4/12; 6/17)