Southern End Reroute At Southern Terminus

2015-04-13 short_mtn_relo 
"The Mid State Trail has been re-routed at the southern terminus of the State college Region. Previously, the trail northbound from the Lower Trail  parking area followed the paved road out toward US 22 where it climbed an embankment and entered the forest. The new route crosses the paved road at the Lower trail parking area and follows gravel roads Freedom's Way - Brickyard Rd. - Short Mtn. Rd. about 2 km to the point where it junctions with the original route at a switchback turn on Short Mtn. Rd. The new route has been blazed orange and there are temporary notices/maps at either end of the new route. The register has been relocated to a new location along the trail north of Short Mtn. Rd.. Other improvements to this section of the trail include repairs to the sidehill section descending into the glen and removal of the blowdown obstructions just south of Barree"

Click HERE to download pdf map